The Greener Pastures


People are attracted to greener pastures. How green are these pastures? The grass on the other side always appears green. One should explore one’s own land and try to find ways to enhance its appeal. One should look into the efforts involved in making the pastures greener on the other side. Weigh the pros and cons before forming an opinion. Hard work entitles one to harvest and reap the crop of success.

If you think your work is the hardest, think again. Every occupation comes with a risk factor, responsibilities and duties. It is not fair to categorize jobs as hard or as easy. A job may be easy in one aspect and it could be the hardest in another aspect. Sitting in a climate control room with eyes on a screen may seem very appealing to some. But does one know that there is no room for even the smallest error here? Now, how amazing is that? We need to keep in mind that nothing comes easily. Hours of hard work may prove worthless if a movie or a song does not appeal to the public. The career of an actor, a singer or a player is at risk as well.

One should seek the opportunities closer and try to make the best of them. Love your work, give it your one hundred percent, be passionate and derive happiness within self.

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