The Search Never Ends

The Search ©

Each one of us has a different mindset. People vary in their behaviour. The thinking process, and the perception ability follow distinct paths. I have observed a common trait among people. Everyone is searching. Most are seeking wealth, some are targeting fit health, others are looking for emotional balance and peace of mind, almost everyone is chasing success and fame, and all are searching happiness. It seems like a game where players are controlled by some external force. That force is the desire.

None seems to be satisfied. The not-so-wealthy search for means to acquire wealth. The wealthy look for means to dispose their wealth. The healthy find ways to be healthier. The unhealthy try all tips and tricks to get fit. Everyone wants to succeed. There are the successful and the famous seeking emotional balance and some serenity. A turmoil exists in these minds. The goal of all is to achieve the ultimate: happiness.

No one realizes that happiness lies within oneself. It is happiness that helps you fulfil your desires. You need to explore within to find the inner beauty of happiness. But the search never ends.

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