Road to Happiness


The world has changed immensely over the past few decades, thanks to the new inventions, and the latest technology. While we are busy finding ways to grow our network(s), and connect to people across the globe, we have disconnected ourselves from our own self, and from those around us. “Happiness” seems to be lost on the way to achieving greater heights. Happiness lies within you. GALLOP to happiness!

Give others a reason to smile. It does not always have to be about “me”. There are countless ways of bringing a smile to the lips. For example, offer a helping hand at home (in the kitchen, with common chores), and outdoors (in crossing the road, carrying bags or other stuff, finding directions, giving a ride to a colleague, greeting with a smile, acknowledging others). These are just a few instances.

Accept others for who they are. We must embrace diversity and multiculturalism. Each individual is unique with his own abilities and talents. There should be no room for discrimination in any form. We should respect others as we wish to be respected.

Learn from your experiences. Humans make mistakes. It is not the end of the world. We must learn from our experiences (both bitter and sweet), and self-reflection is important to move forward as a more developed individual at the intellectual level.

Love the beautiful gift of life. Love yourself for who you are, love your family, love your friends, love your pets, love nature, love the people in this amazing world, and then love technology.

Open your mind to new ideas. We must allow a free flow of thoughts through our minds to receive the energy and the enthusiasm of this universe. Let the mind not be bound in some sort of self-styled chains.

Perform your best in every moment. We must put our heart, mind, and soul into everything we do. A task done half-heartedly does not lead to happiness. We must inculcate honesty, sincerity, and dedication.

Jasleen Chawla

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