Need of a Counsellor

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What are the first thoughts that come to your mind on hearing the word “counsellor”? When do you think someone needs a counsellor? Why do you think someone would need a counsellor? Most of us would agree that the need of a counsellor arises when there are challenges or issues that need to be resolved in one’s life. Challenges related to relationships, health- physical and mental, delinquency, and substance abuse cross our mind at the mention of counselling. But, it is also true that counselling is needed in helping to make good choices and take wise decisions in life with career choices being on the top of the list. Counselling is not always about stress, depression, negativity, or sadness.


There is no denying in the fact that we are all guilty of getting counselling (in some form or another) at one or more occasions in our life. Advice is a more common term that we prefer to use in place of ‘counsel’. For instance, your friend asks for your opinion (advice) while buying a new dress/suit, and you give your opinion in more than just one word (‘this’ or ‘that’). You explain your opinion (choice) while talking about the various factors to be considered for the purchase (e.g., need, fit, occasion, price, value, disability) in the best interest of your friend. Now, this is counselling. Your friend knows s/he can rely on you.

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Everyone may not, and does not have to, agree with this. Nevertheless, it is true that we need someone ‘neutral’ who can counsel us without any fear or intimidation. The best part is that you get to decide who s/he is that you want as a counsellor- someone you can trust and rely on you, a person who is an active listener, a person who can be confidential to your information (challenges, actions), a person who does not hesitate in giving you honest feedback, and a person who is happy to see you succeed in various life situations. Sometimes, you only need someone to listen to you-  your counsellor!

Jasleen Chawla

The Selfie Bug


I am intrigued with the tech trends these days. Technology has revolutionized our planet. One of the most popular trends nowadays is the “selfie” culture. When, where, who and how it started does not interest me. I am baffled by the “pout”. What is the need or purpose of it? Why would one not want to look oneself?

In my opinion, this is nothing but narcissism. The latest mobile devices come equipped with everything to give you a perfect selfie as per your idea of perfection. Now, isn’t that amazing? But to me, it depicts loneliness. The joy of having someone take your picture can in no way be matched to taking your own picture. The former has memories attached and these memories may lead to a whole new journey of events and incidents. You may argue that selfies have memories too. For sure, they do. But who else would you think of but yourself? How much can this self-love be promoted? The craze for getting “likes” on the social media leaves me wondering. Those “likes” are “virtual likes”. Who are you trying to fool? Some people will just click the “like” button without even bothering to see the picture. Their sole purpose is to get return likes.

People take selfies and edit (photoshop) them before displaying it to others. Every time I see such a picture, I think, “This person is bored, and has too much time to do this.” There are ways to be productive. Appearances are deceptive. Love yourself for “who you are” and not for “how you look (appear)”. Love others genuinely.

I hope people are cured of the “selfie bug” soon. This cure shall enable us to have more social, productive and genuine people here.

Jasleen Chawla

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